Pink White Balloon Arch Kit


Create your on DIY Pink and White Balloon Arch to give your party or event that extra 'wow' factor. This kit comes with everything you need to build your Balloon Arch.

No need for helium! The balloon tape means you can inflate the balloons with just air.

The gorgeous pink theme is perfect for a girl’s birthday party or Hen's nights. Simply attach to a wall or hang from a doorway to create a gorgeous entryway design.

Our pink balloon arch has 70 balloons which consists of;

- 15 x 5" - White Balloons,

- 15 x 5" - Light Pink Balloon,

- 10 x12" - Hot Pink Balloons,

- 10 x 12" - Pearl Pink Balloons ,

- 10 x 12" - White Balloons Pearl,

- 4 x 12" - Confetti Balloons - Pink Confetti,

- 4 x 12" Confetti Balloons - White Confetti,

- 2x 18" - White Balloons and 4m balloon tape and glue dots

Follow the instruction on the box and you're good to go!