Create your own Underwater party

Magical Mermaid Party Theme

We stock a gorgeous range of mermaid party supplies from Ariel The Little mermaid to pearly iridescent products, all so you can create a an underwater paradise. Buy decorations that hang, sparkle and glitter and decorate your table with all the wonderful party tableware from plates, cups, napkins and table centerpieces.


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It’s an Under-the-Sea magical party

We have Ariel, the fun-loving and mischievous Disney mermaid and our gorgeous Mermaid Shine party supplies - bursting with beautiful lavender, mint, purple and blues. Great colours to mix and match to your theme. These fabulous party products comes with a selection of beautiful party decorations to hand and stick to walls and gorgeous party tableware for you to recreate your own Mermaid fantasia party. 

Colours to mix and match for your Mermaid party:
- Lavender
- Pink
- Bermuda Blue