It’s a Shimmer and Shine Party Theme

Meet the Shimmer and Shine Genies with their pets Nahal and Tala. This fabulous Shimmer and Shine party theme has loads of gorgeous party supplies and decorations for you to create a glamorous party room. With the bright colours of Hot Pink, Blue and golds, this party range will dazzle and shine.


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Make a wish with your Shimmer and Shine Genies

From all your Shimmer and Shine party essential like party plates, cups, napkins to fabulous hanging swirl decorations and scene setters to really decorate your room.

Be sure to mix and match your Shimmer and Shine party products with our solid colour party supplies.

Colours to mix and match with your Shimmer and Shine party:
- Hot Pink
- Bermuda Blue 
- Purple

Mix and match colour favourites to your Shimmer and Shine party