Magical Unicorn Party Theme and Decorations

From gorgeous Unicorn party tableware featuring pastels and golds to beautiful hanging decorations, scene setter backdrops and fabulous Unicorn Shaped Foil balloons.

We have everything you need to create your own stunning magical Unicorn party room.


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We believe in Unicorns!!

Loving the beautiful soft colours in our new Magical Unicorn Party range. Featuring our gorgeous white unicorn with her flowing pink mane and golden unicorn. 

This beautiful party theme has a wonderfully large range of party products - everything you need to create a stunning party room.

Party plates, table centerpieces, Glitter Tassel Birthday Banners, party cups, Unicorn Balloons, napkins, cupcake cases and so much more.

Mix this gorgeous theme with our Mint, Gold and pink solid colour party supplies.